Winning is Everything

Without planning permission, nothing happens, and your site has no value.

  • If you understand the value that planning permission will give you…
  • If you are an architect frustrated by the Planners, and time is dragging on…
  • If you are a developer, and every day lost to the Planners affects the value of your business…
  • If you just want a chat about your site…

…You can call upon an expert planning lawyer with experience, expertise, and fighting qualities, for a free discussion, without pressure.

No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee option

We may be prepared to work on a No win No fee basis.

  • If we agree to do this, our fees are fixed when we come to an agreement – there are no hidden extras
  • We deal with all communications with the Planners
    We may occasionally be prepared to pay for necessary expenses such as architects’ drawings and specialist reports
  • You pay our Success Fee when your planning permission is granted
  • We generally generally only take on a No-win No-fee case where we can judge the chances of success, and they are realistic and not speculative.


Should we work this way, the advantages to you are:

  • Motivation – Your planner is well motivated to secure the permission.
  • Reduced Risk – You only have to pay if planning permission is secured, which helps you to plan
  • Reduced stress – You don’t have the worries about running up bills on unsure applications, and you can feel comfortable about drawing back from decisions about the application
  • Timescales – Our incentive is to progress the application as fast as possible
  • Easier working relationship – we benefit by receiving higher fees on success, and by our clients trusting us to have greater control over the decision making process.

Amazing Testimonials

There is a lot more our clients would like to say for us. Please contact us to be put in touch.

Why Us?

Exceptional success rates reflect our very high legal expertise, matched by unrivalled understanding of the politics of planning authorities.

The stress of seeking Planning Permission is nothing new to us. We have a long family history in the planning system, dating back to when it first started in Britain.

Forceful but diplomatic – our approach is courteous, but we will fight where necessary until we have the right result.

A free initial consultation, after which you may wish to retain us on a paid basis, or possibly a No win No fee basis.

Planning Applications & Appeals

If your application has been refused – If you're wondering about the development potential of your site – If you think you might be able to improve on an existing planning permission
– Give us a call on 0208 150 9704

Certificates of Lawfulness

If you'd like the Council to give you a certificate saying you don't need permission for a building – If you've been using a building as a house for 4 years – If you've used it for something else for 10 years
– Give us a call on 0208 150 9704

Fighting Enforcement

If you've received a letter from the Council about your use of your site – If the Council have sent you an Enforcement Notice telling you to stop your use of your site, or to remove building work
– Give us a call on 0208 150 9704

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